"Who I am often comes as a shock to most at first. But, why would I want to come as another prediction? To many, I am an expectation, to many I am new. Who am I to you? "

"I’m sitting, waiting for the train
Too bad there’s no sun. Here comes the rain
Doodling imagination to remain sane
No need for superman, I’m a bad Lois Lane
I do poetry for love not for fame
Fold up your mind like a paper crane
Light up my smoke to relieve my pain
Singing notes to compose a lane
Of driven music
Like I said, I do this
And I do this for the foolish
I spread my cool like the kids who pee in pools
Please pick up your drool
Construct knowledge with a verbal tool
Yes, I’m in school
And I carry my books like I carry my looks
You shook?
Cuz there aint no such thing as halfway crooks!"

Noemi Paz - the poet.

#repost #truth #reality #beentheredonethat #trill #mindyours #bestprotectyourneck #loveyourselfregardless  @grahamleanne

#repost #truth #reality #beentheredonethat #trill #mindyours #bestprotectyourneck #loveyourselfregardless @grahamleanne

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